Bin Materials Audit

A WOW Bin Materials Audit (BMA) provides an out of classroom learning experience.

To be eligible for a BMA, a staff member from your site must have attended a WOW workshop or PL session in recent years. Contact us to check eligibility if you are unsure. WOW staff work with students in small groups during the day to audit a days’ worth of bin materials from your site. Check out this Behind the News clip to find out more about the auditing process and learning opportunities. 

An audit report is provided with results and recommendations for actions to improve resource management. Before booking, print the Bin Materials Audit Preparation Checklist document outlining the actions required for an audit.

Conducting a BMA is a great learning experience, providing valuable data for your site. Smaller sites (under 200 students) can conduct their own quite easily. For larger sites, WOW can send staff to help, and we'll provide a report and recommendations for you, which can include a staff or assembly presentation. 

To be considered for a re-audit please complete the Re-audit checklist and send to the WOW team.