Professional Learning

EcoAction Team

For education sites in the Adelaide greater metropolitan area to be eligible for the EcoAction Team workshop, your site must have booked and completed one of the four Entry Programs, and have completed a Bin Materials Audit. Contact us to check eligibility if you are unsure.

Sites in regional areas are eligible during scheduled tours or can request an online workshop delivered over Zoom or Teams - please call or email to check the next tour dates for your region.

Time:  60 minutes

Requirements:  Access to a projector

Audience:  Option 1: Your site staff (any number), preferably including at least one member of the leadership team.
Option 2: As above plus local partnership groups.

A certificate for 1 hour of professional learning will be provided via email to all participants.

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 2.1, 2.2; 4.2; 6.2; 7.3

EcoAction Team explores:

  • the establishment of a student-driven EcoAction student leadership group, 
  • whole-school distributed responsibility vs student volunteer action,
  • funding for students' action plans,
  • staff involvement and mentoring role,
  • student-led learning and peer-teaching.