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Nude Food

What is Nude Food?

Nude Food is a popular term in schools and preschools, but what exactly does this mean? Simply put, it's food without excess packaging. Usually, this means food that is not processed, often making it a healthier and more environmentally friendly option. Nude Food reduces the amount of 'stuff' that needs to go in bins to be sent to landfill. Durable, reusable containers are a great way to bring food, as they may last from pre-school through to high school and beyond, providing long term cost savings and environmental benefits.

Lunchbox tips from a parent - This three minute video provides some easy lunchbox tips to help you through the preschool and school years.


Start thinking about Nude Food! 

Here are a few ideas for classroom activities to get students thinking about Nude Food.

Compare packaging for bulk buy versus single serve foods

Compare prices of buying in bulk versus buying single serve packs. Students can investigate the extra packaging created from single serve packs and the hidden costs associated with these. 

Discuss what packaging can be recycled

Discuss packaging materials that can/cannot be recycled in the home and school setting. What packaging options can be recycled? Discuss how much extra packaging is created by purchasing a single serve pack, as opposed to buying in bulk and decanting smaller serves into a reusable container. 

Waste free canteen/OSHC/Breakfast Club menu

Investigate the canteen menu and the packaging used when selling recess and lunch items. Brainstorm and develop some strategies to reduce or recycle this packaging. Look at the bin systems available on site, which may allow recycling of some packaging, or students could bring reusable containers from home, or have class sets of reusable crockery/cutlery, that they can collect canteen/OSHC/Breakfast Club food on. Perhaps an organics bin, composting system or worm farm could be made available for food scraps.

Write a newsletter article, poster, assembly item

Students report on their experiences of having Nude Food days and share these with the local community. Visual aids could also be produced to put in newsletters or pin up around the school, encouraging other classes to have a regular Nude Food day.