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The Activation Day combines two WOW activities - a limited version of the Bin Systems Assessment (BSA) and a limited version of the Bin Materials Audit (BMA), as well as two KESAB Waste Education activities  - Road Watch and Litter Less. The Activation Day can accommodate a larger number of students than any other WOW or KESAB activity, but successfully running this activity will also require more input from your site’s staff.

To ensure that the activities run smoothly and as safely as possible, one week prior to the event WOW and KESAB staff will deliver 90-minutes of Professional Learning (with a certificate for the time) to participating school staff, covering the details of the programs involved, potential safety issues and requirements. 

The participating students are split into four groups (maximum 30 students per group), each assigned to one activity. Each of the four groups of students documents the activities and outcomes of their program. After the activity, each group then works to create and deliver a simple presentation to their peers about any conclusions they drew from the activity, and any ideas they have for improvement and presents this to the other groups, helping embed the learning outcomes.

This half-day activation has been developed to introduce staff and students to:

  • Identifying positive and achievable changes that they can make to benefit their school environment.
  • Identifying challenges to best practice waste management at the source of waste generation.
  • The process of identifying the wastes produced on site (Mini Bin Materials Audit).
  • Assessing infrastructure and systems (Mini Bin Systems Assessment) to identify the reasons for waste management challenges on site.
  • Identifying the reasons for litter issues on the site including litter movement (Litter Less)
  • Identifying the reasons for litter issues around the site including considering the types of litter and their potential movement (Road Watch-Adopt A Road)