Incursion Programs

Less to Landfill Challenge

The Less to Landfill Challenge is an Entry Program, starting your site's WOW journey and qualifying your site for a Bin Materials Audit.

What is the challenge? To reduce the material that a class sends to landfill each day to one mini wheelie bin (300ml) or less! It can be done and has. It may be one class at your site or several. 

The Challenge can be run at any time throughout the year, so register your class today!

  • Less to Landfill Challenge Registration Form

    Complete this form and submit to register for the challenge.

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WOW lunchbox stickers are great for classes doing the challenge and looking to bring Nude Food to reduce their packaging at school. Find out how you can receive your own stickers HERE. 

Tips to send Less to Landfill
  • Consider sending food and drink packaging home. ALL food and drink packaging that comes from home could be sent back home; in fact several sites currently do this. Food and Drink packaging makes up a quarter of the volume of school bins. Some schools now have no bins!
  • Do you have a regular waste-less or Nude Food day? Set up a day each week to encourage food without packaging. Run it all year round, just like the Less to Landfill challenge!
  • Paper towel and paper lunch bags may be composted in a composting system or in a council or commercial collection.
The Yoghurt Challenge
  • In recent years the variety of single-serve packaged dairy products for younger consumers has increased dramatically. Consider options for reducing this packaging, while providing other benefits to your site, with ideas such as a yoghurt levy.